Saturday, September 12, 2009

Veterans Mark 50th Anniversary of Start of Vietnam War

Veterans Mark 50th Anniversary

Sat 12 Sep 2009 04:42


Veterans gathered in Kansas City on Saturday to recognize the 50th
anniversary of the start of the Vietnam War, and veterans who say they
endured a cold homecoming from that war say that a new and changing
attitude towards the men and women who fight wars is good for all
American troops.The ceremony on the lawn of the Truman Library
included Vietnam veterans, their families and supporters, and for
some, the ceremony was long overdue.

Lynette Maxwell lost two brothers in the war, and she says that she'll
never forget the negativity towards the troops who made it home, and
those who didn't."It broke my heart because both really believed in
what they were doing," said Maxwell.U.S. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver,
joined by Congressmen Ike Skelton and Dennis Moore, said that all the
men were doing was protecting the nation's freedom."You are the United
States of America, these are they who fought and didn't demonstrate!"
said Cleaver.

Some of those at the tribute who say they had to deal with the
negative treatment say things have come a long way."It's a healing, we
never had that welcome, we were told when we hit California, 'Don't
wear your uniforms because people will beat you up'," said Vietnam vet
Randy Sandy.

For Vietnam veterans it was an attitude that no American troops had
encountered before, and Saturday's ceremony brings with it the hopes
that no soldier will ever encounter it again."Never again will men and
women who fight for this nation, return to this nation and receive
anything except a salute," said Cleaver.

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