Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The U.S. Marines will land Wednesday in Carson City. Veterans of the Marine Detachments of the USS Curtiss, AV-4, have selected Carson City as the site of their 11th annual reunion.

The members will gather in Carson City to reminisce of their service during the Nuclear tests during the Cold War. Many events in and around the area are planned. On the last night of their reunion, a formal banquet will be held to honor and remember their fallen brothers who are no longer with them.

The Marines will headquarter at the Gold Dust West Casino during their stay in Carson City. Maj. Paul Morigeau, USMC retired, of Carson City, is the USS Curtiss Marines reunion host and coordinator.

From 1947-57, the Marines comprised the Nuclear Security Force for the Pacific Nuclear Weapons Tests conducted in the Marshall Islands and other locations in the pacific Ocean. During this span of time, the United States and Russia were shrouded in secrecy with mysterious code names such as “Sandstone,” “Greenhouse,” “Ivy,” “Castle,” “Wigwam” and “Redwing.”