Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Imagine not being able to remember your daughter’s name.


Imagine not being able to remember your daughter's name.

According to his wife Amy, that's exactly what happened to Sergeant Alexis Perez.

Alexis incurred numerous injuries during his final, two-year deployment to Iraq—including five slipped discs, a broken ankle, fractured foot, permanent hearing loss and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It wasn't until a bullet grazed his head and sent him tumbling down a cement tower that the military took notice and medically retired Alexis. He was given only three weeks to leave military housing and find somewhere for his family of seven to live.


"We did okay the first three months," said Amy, "but by then our savings was used up, and my husband's benefits never came. Each month, we prayed the money would come through, but we just got further and further behind."

Finally, their prayers were answered when, several months later and on the brink of homelessness, Amy and Alexis turned to the VFW. Thanks to the help of supporters like YOU, the VFW was able to award the family funds to cover their rent and utilities.

"Because of the grant, we kept our home and made it through to when Alexis' benefits were finally granted," said Amy.

Thousands of veterans face situations just like Alexis and his family every day. BUT YOU CAN HELP.

Ask your friends to donate NOW to your personal fundraising page and help veterans like Alexis get the help they desperately need. VFW programs help America's defenders with emergency assistance, getting the VA benefits they have earned and making their voices heard on Capitol Hill.

Hurry! These veterans can't wait.



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