Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Act signed into law today

Officially signed into law today, the Veterans' Compensation
Cost-of-Living Act is set to provide an increase of $500 in benefits
on average for the 3.9 million recipients of VA disability benefits,
dependency and indemnity compensation and pensions.

The COLA bill, which had been stalled in the Senate since late
September, was freed up Nov. 13 and unanimously approved in time for
the increase to be included in the checks received in January.
Additional delay could have stalled payments until February or later.

"Compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs is a major
source of income for many veterans and their families, so adjusting
those payments for inflation is absolutely necessary," said DAV
National Commander Larry A. Polzin.

By law, the increase will match the benefit increase to the COLA
provided to Social Security recipients, which will be 1.7 percent for


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