Sunday, November 25, 2012

Letters from Captain K and Team Rosebrock Re LA TIMES== A JOBLESS CRISIS FOR NATIONAL GUARD

This is a perfect reason why we need to reinstate the Draft.
Let the National Guard take care of our borders and Draftees fight the foreign wars.  Watch how quickly the foreign wars cease to exist and our borders will be safe from illegal immigration ... the way it was intended. 
The country that we pledged our lives to defend is completely upside. 
No longer are Veterans elected President / Vice President, serve in Congress or on the Supreme Court.
Even worse, we have the likes of Donna Beiter, not a Veteran, running the largest VA in the nation and running roughshod over Veterans' Constitutional Rights to Free Speech. 
We have wealthy and powerful homeowner groups operating under the ruse of being a Veterans organization stealing Veterans property for public use ... "in honor of our Veterans."
We have a President's Secretary of the VA and U.S. Attorneys fighting against America's disabled homeless Veterans instead of defending them and their property.   
We've seen the last of the greatest nation in the history of mankind as personal lives (freedom and independence) and personal property (wealth) are in extreme danger.
If ever there was a time for our Citizenry to fly the American Flag in distress, this is it!
God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!
by Ron Rosebrock

Another interesting email I thought I would  share from Dr VVA 47 Riverside Ca.



Sean Eagan

American Cold War Veterans, Inc.

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Phone:  716 720-4000 
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