Wednesday, September 19, 2012

VHA Blue Button

‎1 million patients have registered to use the Blue Button tool! That means 1 million Veterans have easier access to their medical records and information. By using the Blue Button, patients can download their personal health information, streamlining the care process and giving Vets a single, easy to access folder with their medical information. Have you used Blue Button yet?

The Department of Veterans Affairs said that as of August, 1 million patients have registered to use a new tool that allows them to access and download their personal health record (PHR) information.

Through an online tool called the Blue Button, VA said patients can assemble and download personal health information into one portable file that can be used with healthcare records maintained by the VA, Defense Department, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and private-sector partners and providers.

VA said its secure, web-based Blue Button PHR includes data such as prescription history, past appointments, medical history, wellness reminders and emergency contact information.

"VA believes that patients are hungry for their health information," said VA Chief Technology Officer Peter Levin. "The simplicity of Blue Button makes it easy for other public agencies and Federal Employee Health Benefits Program carriers to participate. Getting to 1 million registered users so quickly is a great validation for our team."

VA said usage of the tool will increase as more partners adopt it as part of their customer health records. UnitedHealth Group is one of the latest providers to come onboard as partner, VA said.

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