Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Marine Responds to Umbrellagate lol

Appeared on Wonkette several other places I tend to agree if the Commander in Chief wants a umbrella you go get him a umbrella. I do not get it is a lawful order and he rates a umbrella wtf I do not understand the flap at all. Mr. Strindberg voices his take on it below:

Another U.S.Marine responds to Umbrellgate! ... A Reply to M. Joseph Sheppard by Eric Steinberg, once and always USMC

Shut your cockholster, you civilian sack of shit.

It has come to my attention that there is a dickwad committing fuckery out there, a certain "M. Joseph Sheppard" (R- FauxBrigade) who styles himself an authority on, well, anything at all, but most gallingly on the subject of Marine Corps Uniform Regulations. This subhuman motile turd has the effrontery to misquote the regulations of my beloved Corps, an offense that shall not go unpunished; indeed, the crimes of this cancerous, corrupt lesion against Nature, Man, and USMC are so grave that they may require the most extreme sanction*, if only to insure that the asscunt/charlatan in question will never again pronounce the word "Marine," nor scrawl it with his soon-to-be-shattered hand**. Even now a tribunal is being assembled, to be followed by a posse and then a lynch mob***. And then the Dead Hooker Disposal Unit****.

This will not stand! I, for one, will not sit idly by whilst that venereal skinflap, "Sheppard," besmirches the glory of the United States Marine Corps with his outright lies, and his continued existence. God, and The Corps, fashioned my brother Marines and me into weapons; hammered the weakness out of us; and sharpened our fighting spirits for the very purpose of beating the Holy Living Fuck out of puke-scented twats like this "Sheppard," and that is what we shall do. The ghost of Chesty Puller has spoken to me, and I have communed with the spirit of Smedley Darlington Butler, and they both told me to crack this dumb motherfuckers' skull, right after I rip off his stupid fucking baseball cap and fistfuck him with it*****. Who am I to argue with a direct lawful order? So stand the fuck by, Mr. Shitstain Umbrella Fucker — this here jarhead is about to administer some corrective action.

Echo Three Sierra OUT.

Oh yeah — Semper Fi.



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