Friday, May 17, 2013

DAV National Commander Testifies on Need to Fix Claims Process

DAV National Commander Testifies on Need to Fix Claims Process

"Part of our mission is advocating for meaningful, reasonable and responsible public policy for our injured and ill veterans of all generations," National Commander Larry Polzin opened. "With the proposed downsizing of our military forces and the slow recovery in our domestic economy, more veterans will be relying on the Department of Veterans Affairs for services and benefits for decades to come. 

"We must ensure that the VA is prepared to handle such a large influx of veterans. However, based on my experience," he continued, "I'm not yet confident that our government is fully prepared to fulfill its promise to our nation's veterans." 

The Commander, mentioning the nearly 900,000 pending claims for disability compensation and pensions awaiting decisions, spoke about DAV's work with the VA on the development of the new Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS). — at Cannon House Office Building.



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