Monday, May 27, 2013

DAV Memorial Day Message

Dear Sean,

Memorial Day, is a day set aside to honor those who answered our nations call and made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our freedom!

memorial day

It's the most sacred sacrifice a nation can ask … the call for one of our fellow servicemen or women to risk life itself in defense of our nation.

You and I made our own sacrifices in our country's service, but both of us stand in awe of those who gave their lives.

As Memorial Day dawns, I hope you'll take time to step forward as a DAV member.
  • Wear an article of DAV clothing on this special day.
  • Fly Old Glory in front of your home.
  • If your DAV Chapter is involved in a Memorial Day parade, please take part.
  • If not, attend some other patriotic event.
  • You might even want to decorate the graves of our fallen heroes.
Over Memorial Day weekend, plan to stick close to friends who served. This holiday, dedicated to those who never made it home, can be hard for some of our fellow veterans. Young Americans are still coming home from war sick and wounded from Afghanistan, needing you, me and DAV. While too many seldom give them a second thought, you remember, holding the spirit of Memorial Day in your heart.

That's why I so value your membership. Through DAV, you lead the way for all of America's veterans.

To Honor the Fallen, 

Arthur H. Wilson
National Adjutant
Disabled American Veterans



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