Thursday, May 02, 2013

DAV Adjutant Message : Praise For NG Unit at The Boston Marathon

Dear Sean,

I felt proud to see service members spring into action to help the injured after the bombings at the Boston Marathon!
To Serve & Protect
in Boston!
Troops in Boston
You'll be moved as youread how reserve troops came to the rescue after the Boston bombings. Remind others of the inspiring sacrifices military people make as you share this story now.


Hopefully, news coverage of their response to the terrorist blasts will remind the public of something too many forget:

Every single day, US service members put their lives on the line right here at home as well as around the world.

First Sgt. Bernard Madore was part of a unit of Guardsmen who were "ruck-marching" (marching while wearing heavy backpacks) the marathon to raise money for charity.

And when tragedy struck, those Guardsmen put themselves in harm's way without a thought.

As some tore down a barrier, 1st Sergeant Madore rushed to help a woman whose burning clothes were searing her skin.

As veterans ourselves, you and I can be thankful that no military personnel were injured that day. But, as DAV members, you and I know our troops put themselves at risk every day, preparing for and facing down danger.

While many overlook the sacrifices that keep them safe and free, DAV never forgets. For more than 90 years, DAV has stood by our brothers and sisters in times of war and times of peace.

Help others remember the daily sacrifices of our veterans and troops as you share this inspiring story with friends and family now.

Saluting Your Service! 

Arthur H. Wilson
National Adjutant
Disabled American Veterans



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